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GASKETBOND is a fast drying , flexible setting compound for sealing gaps between gasket and metal surface to make a joint leakproof, it has excellent gap filling tendency and can withstand temperature upto 120ºC.







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Vetra is an excellent instant adhesive for bonding metal , glass, marble, plastic, fabric etc. Available in 3 variants to suite all your instant adhesion needs





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Zenox PU sealant is a single component black polyurethane sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture. Used for making insulated glass , solar panels, solar cookers, marble paneling , wind screen pasting wooden paneling etc.



Color: Black & white
Packing: 310 ml. 600 ml.




PESTOFREE application protects all types of wood, wood crafts and furniture, plywood & construction timbers, floor parquets.



  • Prevents & protects wood from termite & borer.
  • Instantly efficacious and very long lasting.
  • Stops powder falling problem from wood immediately.
  • Mixes with oil based paints and interior or exterior emulsion easily and does not affect the colour shades.














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vitrores is a single component light curable adhesive which sets in seconds on exposure to UV/Sunlight. Vitrores is excellent for bonding glass to any substrate like glass, metal,ceramic,wood,rigid plastics etc. Vitrores has excellent weather resistance, non yellowing and give very high adhesion







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Resimet Thread Locker

Resimet Thread Locker TL 944 is a single component anaerobic thread locking adhesive. It gives High strength to fasteners with assemblies, it allows fasteners to withstand vibrations, resist shock and impact loads, it offers High performance and seals thread to prevent leakages and corrosion. It is being applied where higher Dia i.e. 20 mm fasteners are used. It gives better solvent resistance.


Sealing fasteners in Compressors Pump, Heavy Motor mounting bolts, Big Gear boxes & equipment’s where assembly & disassembly will be done by High Torque tools, service stations of four wheelers, JCB, earthmovers, Bus body builders etc. This product can be used on various substrate like steel, brass, stainless steel etc.



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Zirmek adhesive is a ready to use single component polymeric adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles, wooden moldings on vertical surface. It poses good non-sag behaviour , fast drying and very high flexibility



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Bondfix XR is and air drying single component clear adhesive which can be used for bonding as well as clear coating application on Metal handicraft and for sealing tile grouts .




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BONDSET BondSet putty available in many variant for different application as on metal, tiles, steel , aluminum etc.



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Rubber based adhesive for sticking glass, ceramic, canvas, board, leather etc. to similar surface







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