vitrores is a single component light curable adhesive which sets in seconds on exposure to UV/Sunlight. Vitrores is excellent for bonding glass to any substrate like glass, metal,ceramic,wood,rigid plastics etc. Vitrores has excellent weather resistance, non yellowing and give very high adhesion








Best for bonding glass to glass, ceramics, metals and some rigid plastics

Advantages :-

Non yellowing light curable adhesive
Sets in seconds on exposure to UV / Sunlight.

Grade 605 201 Gel
Appearance Clear Clear Gel
Color Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Orange are available in 201, all colors are intermiscible. To reduce color concentration, any grade of vitrores can be used, color are sunfast and can be used for exterior applications
Safety may cause irritation on contact with skin or eye. use soap and plenty of water to was effected area
Storage store in cool and dry place.
Packing 10g, 20g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg.


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