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Resibond 3010

It is a high quality multipurpose neutral cure silicone sealant suitable for use in
weather sealing of all metal and masonry applications. Adheres with porous and non-porous surfaces including steel, aluminum, glass, fibreglass, non-oily wood and many plastic surfaces. It is excellent for use with zinc coated/galvanised metal building products.

Applications : For filling tile joints, for laying tiles over bathtub and wall, for filling gap between tiles and wash basin, commode in bathroom etc.










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solvobond PVC Solvernt cement for repairing and bonding of pvc pipes . Because of its high viscosity it makes joints leakproof and gives more coverage. Joints made with SOLVOBOND can withstand temperatur from -35°C to 90°C






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Low viscosity fast drying solvent cement fro jointing PVC pipes and fittings. Joints made with plasiweld can withsdtand temperature from -35° C to 95° C
Packing 25ml, 50ml, 100ml 250ml, 500ml, 1lt






General purpose CPVC & UPVC solvent cement. Joins PVC, UPVC, & CPVC pipes and fittings It is corrosion & bacteria resiatant and can withstand tempareature from -35° c to 90° c
Packing 25ml, 50ml, 100ml


Amrow Amrow ABS Welder is a solvent cement for jointing ABS Pipe to ABS Socket,Repairing of mud guard, viser in two wheeler
  • Mud guard repairer in two wheeler
  • Repairing of coolant box and oil box in four wheeler

    Very fast drying
    Single component hence easy to apply



PESTOFREE application protects all types of wood, wood crafts and furniture, plywood & construction timbers, floor parquets.



  • Prevents & protects wood from termite & borer.
  • Instantly efficacious and very long lasting.
  • Stops powder falling problem from wood immediately.
  • Mixes with oil based paints and interior or exterior emulsion easily and does not affect the colour shades.














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Resibond 5010
  • Neutral cure
  • Good Flexibility
  • Excellent weather sealing
  • Can apply with many substrates











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Resibond 7010 is Red colored one part neutral cure silicone which cures to a tough rubbery solid when exposed to moisture in the air. Excellent resistance to weathering, UV light, moisture, ozone, vibration & extreme temperature. Long life reliability cured sealant stays rubbery from -35 to 310ºC without tearing, cracking, drying out or becoming brittle. All temperature Gunnability can be applied in any season. Resibond 7010 will not flow under its own weight. It can therefore be applied overhead or on vertical joints and surfaces without slumming, sagging or running out.







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