Resibond 7010 is Red colored one part neutral cure silicone which cures to a tough rubbery solid when exposed to moisture in the air. Excellent resistance to weathering, UV light, moisture, ozone, vibration & extreme temperature. Long life reliability cured sealant stays rubbery from -35 to 310ºC without tearing, cracking, drying out or becoming brittle. All temperature Gunnability can be applied in any season. Resibond 7010 will not flow under its own weight. It can therefore be applied overhead or on vertical joints and surfaces without slumming, sagging or running out.







Resibond 7010 sealant can be used for sealing terminals of heating element, oven door, gasketing, incubator, sterlising tank sealing, gasketing application where high resistance is the main requirement.
Resibond 7010 sealant provides an excellent anti-corrosion barrier between dissimilar metals such as aluminum and steel where electrolytic corrosion can be severe problem, Excellent sealant for making engine head gasket to prevent leakage of oil even at higher temperature (310ºC).

Method Of Application

  • Surface must be clean, dry & free from grease and detergents.
  • Mask adjacent surfaces for neat application.
  • Cut tip of cartridge, cut nozzle to desired size at 45 º angles, attach to cartridge, and place in caulking gun.
  • Apply sealant in continuous, steady flow. Push sealant ahead of nozzle contacting both sides of joint so it is completely filled.
  • Smooth sealant surface immediately after application before skin forms. Use spatula dipped in mild detergent. Remove masking tape before sealant skins.
  • Excess uncured sealant should be removed immediately with clean cloth damped in mineral turpentine.
  • When sealing a metal lap joint, apply sealant to one surface in a continuous bead through the line of intended fasteners and fasten immediately, if no fasteners are to be used ensure sufficient sealant is used and joint supported while sealant cures.


Color: Red
Packing: 300 ml. cartridge

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